Guidelines for Prospective Graduate Students


Thank you for your interest in my research and in DCL at Yonsei University.

I typically recruit 1~3 new students a year, especially very enthusiastic to be a leader in our field.
If you think you are, I recommend you to aim a PhD-level research (PhD program and joint Master & PhD program).
If you think you want a degree to get a job, I recommend you to apply for the Master program.

A typical student I would recruit would be (but not limited to)
– Post-BS/MS students graduating Yonsei University with good GPA
– Post-BS/MS students graduating any reputable Korean University with top GPA
– Post-BS/MS international students with good GPA and early-career research achievement
(publication in conference or journal, experience in an interesting project with recommendation letter from the project leader, etc)

General contact guideline.
You may contact me at
Contacting me before getting admission DOES NOT HELP your admission to our Graduate program. So, you don’t need to contact me in this purpose.
After you REALLY DO DECIDE to apply to join my research group, please send a CUSTOMIZED e-mail with resume which clearly indicates your GPA,
English test score if there is any, and research plan.
Please contact me AFTER you carefully read the ADMISSION and SCHOLARSHIP information.
Korean Students:
International Students:

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